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The “New Pop-up” Software

Reviewed by Jeanette S Cates, PhD

With the introduction of Focus Generator, you now have a choice of tools to create the “new pop-ups.” These aren’t actually popups, as we’ve known them. They are a new type of code that isn’t “blockable”. Plus they look good!

Instant Attention was the original program. It’s a membership site that is very easy to use. 

Focus Generator is new on the market – and comes from the winning software record of Armand Morin and Tracy Childers. Armand has churned out one great software standard after another and he and Tracy already have one winner under their belt. (Screen Cam Generator)

Rather than discuss each feature, it’s easier to look at a comparison chart. 

If you’d like to listen to comments on the chart, click the Play button.




Instant Attention Focus Generator

Ease of use

Variety of designs

Easy design placement on the popup


Video instructions


Manual in PDF


HTML skill required for page installation


Code automatically added to page


Automatically updated when popup content changed


Multiple-person development and support team


Number of popups you can create





$97 one-time


For my money, Focus Generator is the better deal. While it doesn’t have the automatically updating popups that I like in Instant Attention, it has a lot of other features. Plus, it’s a one-time fee instead of a monthly fee.

Regardless of the system you choose, you owe it to your Online Success to invest in one or the other. There are so many results that indicate these things work. Don’t argue with the results - take advantage of them!



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