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Reviewed by Jeanette S Cates, PhD
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As a courtesy, we offer a free 3-point website analysis. These quick reviews provide suggestions from Dr. Jeanette S Cates, noted Internet Strategist. Captured as screen videos, you can see the features of the site and listen as she discusses the recommended changes.

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Site Reviews - Turn on your speakers!

Simply Slimming (reviewed August 23, 2005)

This site has the makings of a good sales site, but there are some distractions. Just a few changes can make this much more effective. Are you doing these same things on your site? (5:53 min)


Pesha (reviewed August 23, 2005)

Pesha has some great ideas and a worthy cause, but they're not coming across as easily as they should. While I recommend a site redesign, I think it will be worth it. (6:30 min)


Melissa Designs (reviewed August 23, 2005)

Obviously a talented designer, Melissa can be in demand more hours each week with just a few tweaks. In particular, I recommend she taps into the local business market by geographically targeting her message and her keywords. (5:35 min)


Dr Brickey (reviewed August 23, 2005)

The talent and expertise Dr. Brickey has are not given credit on his current site. In addition to upgrading the overall design, he needs to capitalize on the audio and video clips he can provide. (6:04 min)


The Dating Advisor (reviewed August 23, 2005)

What a treasure trove of information - and potential income. Following some of the ideas I shared, I think his list and his earning can both grow! (5:56 min)


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