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The product I wanted to create

Mini Site Creator from Jim Edwards

Reviewed by Jeanette S Cates, PhD

I've been teaching people how to create web pages since 1997. That's a lifetime in Internet years!

And while I enjoy the teaching process, I kept trying to find a way to create a standalone tutorial so that those who didn't want to attend a live class could learn on their own. But I was never able to zero in on a single approach that worked for everyone.

Now it's been done!

Jim Edwards, a prolific ebook author and creator of the best course on multimedia products I've ever taken, offered the chance to take his Mini Site Creator course. There was only space for 37 of us - and I jumped at the chance, based on Jim's track record.

Naturally he over-delivered. This course not only provides excellent instruction, broken down into digestible 7 to 10-minute chunks, but it also includes all the tools you need. He even went so far as to provide hosting and a set of custom-designed templates, just for this course.

But what really impressed me was the fact that everyone who took the course finished a mini site during the 4-week course. Some of us were professionals, but many others had never held an html tool in their hand. But they all created a site!

If there was anything difficult about the course it was the tremendous amount of extra information that Jim provided. For each lesson he had a mini lecture that explained concepts and techniques of Internet marketing. Then he introduced us to many different uses of mini sites - way beyond what others have mentioned in other mini site products.

Bottomline: Jim has answered the need for a product that teaches everything you need to know to create mini sites from scratch and he's done it in top-notch fashion.

My recommendation: 5 hats to Jim Edwards' Mini Site Creator

Listen to my interview of Jim Edwards and learn how mini sites can create an automated source of online revenue for you.


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